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Clapper’s Delight

Our baby monitor started relaying my son’s jibber jabber to me through the speaker.  I picked it up to see what my son was up to in his crib.  I look on the screen and see him playing with a stuffed toy.  Being a drummer I taught my son how to clap as early as possible and it turned into this neat father / son thing.  I place my hands on the outside of his and clap my son’s hands for him.  When I’m done, he puts his outside of mine and makes me clap.  It’s a cute thing we do together.

I’m watching my son take his stuffed animal and make it clap its hands.  This made me smile, especially when he started saying “Dada” while he was doing it.  After a few claps I noticed the tempo was increasing along with the intensity.  A cute baby sound turned into this mini roar thing he does and man he started flailing those hands together so fast the monitor couldn’t keep it up and all I’m left seeing is this roaring blur of baby and stuff animal appendages spazzing out on the screen.  I lost it.  I had to put my comforter over my mouth so as to not draw so much attention… but man I laughed so hard.

As a father I delight in my son.  Tonight I re-watched the video I took of the event and cracked up again.  This time I noticed he was saying “Dada” and this time I realized that just as I watch my son and see him do things that delight me and make me laugh with joy that our Heavenly Father does the same thing.

Zephaniah 3:17

Psalm 149:4



Randall Potter

Randall Potter

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