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I had coffee with a good friend last night.  Exciting things are happening in his life and mine.

We talked about how God will sometimes nourish and help us at different levels.  Sometimes God just sweeps us off our feet and carries us straight to where we need to go.  Other times God might extend a supporting hand only when we need it, and still other times God watches and safe guards us, but let’s us feel it out for ourselves.

This reminds me of my son walking up the steps to our front door.  He’s nearly 2 and stairs are still quite a challenge for him.

Depending on what we have going on, sometimes I pick him up and carry him quickly up the stairs and set him down on the stoop.  Other times I keep my hand extended to him as he grabs the rail and side-saddles up the stairs one at a time, giving him a hand every now and then because I know he’s capable, but I also know he’s struggling.  And yet there are times when I watch and observe him work it out on his own, because for his good, he needs to be able to figure this out and work through it.

Fatherhood is a trip.  It’s amazing how many parallels there are between God’s Fathering of us and raising the children He gave us.  It’s interesting because sometimes my son doesn’t want help.  This of course can be a good or not so good thing depending on the situation.  There are times he resists my help when it would in fact be best for him.  There are other times where I think he just wants my help for the sake of it and that’s ok too.

Funny how it’s like that with God right?


Randall Potter

Randall Potter

Jesus follower, husband, father, and friend.

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