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Standing at the Door

We don’t have a good “time out” spot in our house I thought to myself as I led my 1.5 year old son to his room.  He had been pitching an ever loving fit all through supper.  He was rude and rebellious.  I know he’s learning boundaries and part of my job is to help him see where those boundaries lay.

As I got him settled into his room and closed the door his cries filled the house and my heart ached for my son.  I longed for him to understand that Mom and Dad had provided him with all the supper he needed, that he was loved, and cherished, and that this punishment was temporary.

My Wife and I had decided that whenever we do this we will go and get him out of his room as soon as he gets quiet.  He’s too young in our opinion to understand fully what is going on.  We just want him to learn that a peaceful countenance after that kind of behavior is what we are after.  We desire for our son to get to a place where he is peaceful, quiet, and open to our love and instruction.

I stood outside his door waiting, and that’s when a piece of scripture floated through my head…

“I stand at the door…”

Now the impression it left on me wasn’t a word for word match of Revelation 3:20 nor the precursor verse in Revelation 3:19.  It also didn’t fully line up with Matthew 7:7.  What it did however help me to see is that a lot of times God places us in a situation where we are being disciplined.  His desire for us is a perfect version of my Wife and I’s desires for our son.

My son’s cries quieted and I sensed that he had reached the place I was desiring for him.  So I quickly, but gently threw the door open and scooped my son into my arms.  I rushed into his room with a heart full of love, forgiveness, and peace.  We made our way back to the supper table and resumed eating.  All was fine from there on out.

I imagine often times God waits at “our door,” listening, and yearning for us to reach a place of peace and love so He can rush in and scoop us up, explain to us what happened and why, and take us back to finish what we were doing.



Randall Potter

Randall Potter

Jesus follower, husband, father, and friend.

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