Dad Shares

Before You Know It

LIfe’s been a bit crazy.

Our second son has been born.  He came premature and that’s a story for another time.

He’s having a lot of reflux and gas issues currently.

I can see my son’s body tightening up, starting to squirm, and before he even cries out I know what he needs and what is going on.

It’s sobering to think of myself as the little infant, with basic language and struggling getting ready to cry out to God.

I’m reminded often of how God knows what we need before we ask.

Matthew 6:8


Not Nice

“Not nice Dadda! Not nice Momma!” my son said very emphatically.

On one hand it’s great that he’s able to express his emotions. I can imagine another toddler taking a toy at daycare and my son replying that way. It’s better than a lot of things that come with this age – biting, hitting, kicking, and slapping and the like.

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I had coffee with a good friend last night.  Exciting things are happening in his life and mine.

We talked about how God will sometimes nourish and help us at different levels.  Sometimes God just sweeps us off our feet and carries us straight to where we need to go.  Other times God might extend a supporting hand only when we need it, and still other times God watches and safe guards us, but let’s us feel it out for ourselves.

This reminds me of my son walking up the steps to our front door.  He’s nearly 2 and stairs are still quite a challenge for him.

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Clapper’s Delight

Our baby monitor started relaying my son’s jibber jabber to me through the speaker.  I picked it up to see what my son was up to in his crib.  I look on the screen and see him playing with a stuffed toy.  Being a drummer I taught my son how to clap as early as possible and it turned into this neat father / son thing.  I place my hands on the outside of his and clap my son’s hands for him.  When I’m done, he puts his outside of mine and makes me clap.  It’s a cute thing we do together.

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